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One Hour to Better Relationships – (Part 3 of Four Part Series)

Ivan Rubio
Written by Ivan Rubio

The following series consists of four ONE hour parts (plus 15 min of Q & A at the end) meant to help you have better relationships. I have included what I consider to be some fundamental aspects of psychology & relationships. I have built-in practical examples that demonstrate how you can apply the theory and techniques that I have discussed, in your everyday life!



Part 3: (April 4th, 7pm – 8:30pm) (ROOM, 521)

Assertiveness and Effective Communication in Relationships. Being able to express ideas, emotions, and to set personal boundaries are some important factors when it comes to establishing and reinforcing positive self-concepts and self-esteem. We would assume that being assertive in a relationship is a good thing, right? what does psychology say? The answer might surprise you!

Part 4: (TBD, 7pm – 8:30pm) (ROOM, 521)

Psychological Flooding and Relationships. Physiological state in which, due to a perceived threat, our nervous system goes into overdrive. In this state, we lose some of our capacity for rational thought. In relationships, this can often result in those ‘lovely’ fights, where one or both partners in end up getting hurt and potentially not talking to one another for an extended period.

Who: Presented by Founder & Clinical Director at COMPASS, Ivan Rubio

Where: McGill McIntyre Medical building, room 521


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  • Advanced sale price,15$
  • student ticket, 20$
  • Early-bird special, 20$
  • General Admission 25$


Spacing is limited!

We offer light snacks and refreshments

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Want better relationships? Join us for this in depth event!

About the author

Ivan Rubio

Ivan Rubio

My mission is to encourage individuals with the right dosage of support, in order to help them overcome their own difficulties. Using, primarily, a Cognitive Behavioral approach, I empower individuals by challenging their fundamental core beliefs, ultimately building positive self-concepts and self-esteem.

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